It’s great that you are interested in our courses!

Secondary adult education is for those who want an education that corresponds to nine years of basic schooling. It is for those who wish to improve in reading or writing, or to study a subject that you need to be able to apply to upper secondary school education.

With us you can study several courses that correspond to secondary school years 7-9. The courses are suitable for adults that can take responsibility for their own studies.

We have schools in several locations in Sweden

In Linköping, Stockholm, Södertälje, Hagfors and Ystad. Each school is only a few minutes’ walk from the nearest stop for train, bus, underground or commuter train.

How to apply

You can apply for secondary adult education if you are 20 years of age or older. You apply via your municipality’s web site. (Your municipality is the municipality in which you are registered.)

On the municipality’s web site, you will find all the information about secondary education for adults, course listings, application form and dates for application. If you live near Competens’ schools, then you can reach your municipality’s web site using the following links.

Municipality of Linköping »

Stockholm City
In Stockholm, we offer secondary adult education in three schools, Högdalen, Liljeholmen and Vällingby.
You apply to all of them via Stockholm City’s web site »

Free course materials

Everybody should be able to afford to study! Our pupils receive free course materials on our teaching platform.

Student counselling

Consult our student and professional counsellors to help you choose the right courses at the right level to ensure that the pace of study is just right for you.

Financial support from CSN

Your studies with us entitle you to financial support from CSN. Apply for financial support on CSN’s web site here.

Best of luck with your studies with us at Competens!

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