Language became the key to the future

When Mohsam Muhammad received a letter from an authority that he couldn’t read, he tried to get help from a neighbour. “If you are going to live in Sweden, you should learn Swedish!” Mohsan became angry and hurt by this response.
The day after this, he started studying SFI at Competens and is grateful today to the man who wouldn’t help him translate the letter from the Swedish Tax Agency.

Language and the contacts he made during his time at SFI opened a whole new world of opportunity in the country that Mohsan proudly regards as his own.

The SFI student fought hard

Four hours in school were followed by four hours in Tensta library.
Weekends as well as weekdays – the language was always in focus. Mohsan remembers his teacher Akram Wirdi with warmth, and at the library there was Örjan Ekman, whose help boosted his language development.

Mohsan Muhammad has a warm personality and makes strong relationships. He always emphasises and thanks people for the help and support he has received.

With better knowledge of Swedish, Mohsan began to apply for jobs

Mohsan worked with a cleaning firm, despite having an education as a social worker from Pakistan and some education from KTH amongst others. Until destiny brought him back to Competens.

“I remember that I was cleaning an apartment in Knivsta when David Olanders called me,” Mohsan relates with a big smile. “He offered me a job as a teacher at Competens and I started straight away.”

“David is fantastic! After only three weeks he dropped by and congratulated me, he’d heard that I was doing a fantastic job!”

The goal is a managerial position in the school

As an adult educator at Competens, Mohsan reached a goal in his career – to work in teaching and education. He became one of Competens’ first adult education teachers and has continued both working hard and studying in the evenings. Now he has a Swedish teachers’ degree and a Masters in leadership and working life. The next goal is also clear, Mohsan wants to work in a managerial position in the school.

He mentions time and time again the people at and around Competens who have helped him to new victories,. Besides Akram, Örjan and David, he also mentions Gun Nilsson and the others in Vällingby.

“As a teacher in SFI I was tough with my students and told them that they need to learn the language, the culture, values and behaviour to succeed in Sweden.”

The Swedish Language is a key to society

“We immigrants make the journey to Sweden in a short time, maybe just a few hours or days. But it is when we arrive that the journey really begins. When we start to become integrated in Swedish society.”

“This requires patience, but you also need to be active, positive and work hard,” Mohsan says and sketches in the air the L-shaped graph he normally uses.

Mohsan often bumps into his former students.

“I am happy when I hear that my students have found jobs at foster homes, as trustees, interpreters, financial assistance clerks and in other important roles. They share my experience of learning Swedish to gain keys for a future and working hard to reach their goals.

“Many thanks, Sweden!” Mohsan concludes emphatically. ”I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay everything I have gained from this fantastic country. Sweden has changed me radically. And many thanks to Competens!”


Mohsan’s tips for those learning Swedish

  1. Read everything that comes your way! Advertisement supplements, brochures, signs, ads and posters in public places.
  2. Be active in your classes!
  3. Get help at your library. Read more about study assistance >>
  4. Read easy-to-read books, both for children and adults.
  5. Listen to the news, podcasts, TV-debates and other radio programs in Swedish.
  6. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, both speaking and writing.


Swedish for

If you need to learn more Swedish before you can commence the education you want, you must first study SFI.

You apply at the SFI-center at Hornsgatan 124 in Stockholm or at your local SFI-center.

Read more about SFI »