The maths teacher who started as a student

Ronja is a mathematics teacher at Competens in Högdalen. She was born and raised in China and her real name is Ruoyi Liu. Ronja, who has lived in Sweden since 2009, is an energetic and curious person.

In China, Ronja studied Chinese at university. She obtained her teacher’s degree but eventually chose to work as a journalist. This job brought her on an exciting journey to USA where she took care of everything from interviews to photography and marketing.

Love brought Ronja to Sweden and Högdalen

Through her work, she met her Swedish husband and moved to Sweden. She studied SFI at Competens’ school in Högdalen, the same school where she now works as a maths teacher a few years later.

“I studied courses at school and the correspondence course that Competens offered so I could learn faster,” Ronja explains.

She remembers that she was already impressed back then by the early digital success. It was unusual to offer web-based education in the subjects she was interested in.

“I gained a foothold in Swedish society”

From her time at Competens, Ronja recalls especially that she got great assistance from her student counsellor at the school. Not only was she helped to choose a path for her further studies, she was also helped to reach out to other people in the neighbourhood from China.

“It was an incredible support to meet others in the same situation. I met some of my best friends through the network!”

Ronja says that the student counsellor and teachers gave her more than an education and help with her further studies.

“I gained a foothold in Swedish society.”

Ronja is passionate about teaching others good study technique

When Ronja had learnt Swedish, she chose to take her teacher’s degree. She first worked as an upper secondary school teacher in Chinese and mathematics in Stockholm, but then she returned to Competens and Högdalen. As a mathematics teacher!
“It felt so good to come back and become colleagues with the same talented teachers I had when I was a student,” she says, laughing.

Ronja has no plans to change jobs. She emphasizes how much she enjoys her work. Above all, that the study materials are digital and are included in the courses.

“At the moment, I and my students are making a film about study technique so that the whole class will be able to learn more easily,” she says, enthusiastically.

The film will be distributed on the digital teaching platform Its Learning, which all students have access to.

Upper secondary
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Upper secondary adult education is for those who do not have upper secondary school grades or equivalent and who want to take the next steps in their personal development. The courses correspond to the final years of secondary school but the format is suited for adults that can take more of a personal responsibility for their own studies.

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