If you are unemployed then you can receive training in a profession for which there is a large demand for trained personnel. With a vocational education, you can gain the competence that the job market is looking for. Speak with your contact at Arbetsförmedlingen and tell them that you want to learn to be a welder at Competens!

The demand for welders is huge. Welders are needed, for example, in the car industry, laying bridges, building houses or laying pipes in the processing industry. A welder’s main task is to join metal pieces together using various welding techniques. These welding techniques vary depending on the task at hand. Examples of welding methods are: gas welding, metallic arc welding and gas arc welding.

Our welding training begins with a basic course that is followed by several supplementary courses where you choose the welding method and level yourself. We teach theory and practice for all welding methods. The course complies with the Welding Commission’s regulations for IW-welders, and when you have completed the course you will also be given the opportunity to be examined by independent certifiers.

Are you interested? Contact us and we will tell you more.

Our locations

We offer welding courses in Hagfors and Ystad.

How to apply

The welding course is a so-called employment market education. That means that you apply through your contact at Arbetsförmedlingen.