Welcome to our school in Ystad!

It’s great that you are interested in studying with us! In Ystad, we can give you an employment market education in welding, and factory/CNC. Employment market education suits those who are unemployed or risk becoming unemployed and who want a vocational education that leads to a job.

Learn a profession in demand

You can receive an education that is tailored to the needs of the employment market and gain the skills that you need to get a job in sectors that need trained personnel.
Welding, factory floor and industrial technique are sectors in which there is a great demand for professional knowledge.

How to apply for an employment market education in Ystad

To be eligible for an employment market education, you need to be registered at Arbetsförmedling. Speak to your contact at Arbetsförmedlingen and tell them that you wish to study and learn a new profession with Competens!

All the best with your studies with us in Ystad!

Contact us
010-516 20 61

Industrigatan 7
271 39 Ystad

Opening hours
7am – 3.30pm

Regional manager
Patrik Samuelsson
010-516 20 55

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